Dear friends,

The Cloud Foundation does not and has not ever supported the ASPCA/HSUS/ RTF/Cattlemen’s association plan moving through the senate at present. We understand confusion has been stirred up as to where TCF stands on this issue. You can read our full response to the plan, entitled “Racing to Extinction,” HERE.

The Cloud Foundation was born out of a deep love for Cloud’s herd in the Pryor mountains, but our mission as an organization is to preserve and protect all of America’s wild horses and burros on our public lands, as well as the land itself. We have a 14-year history of being at the forefront of protecting wild horses on the range and have long been a voice of reason and a fierce advocate for these animals and their right to live in freedom.

We stand at a turning point in history right now. Our wild herds may face a greater threat today than they have since the 1971 Act was passed. In-fighting amongst advocate groups does damage, it does not help. Inciting drama and hatred on social media does nothing to advance us towards a solution for the horses. Be careful where you source your information and when in doubt, do some fact checking. Unfounded accusations are the problem, as is lack of dialogue. We have always been about finding collaborative solutions. By working together, we can always achieve more. 

The Cloud Foundation