A Tribute to War Bonnet

Trips to the Pryors with Ginger often surprise and delight. Just a few weeks ago, blanketed with snow, the rugged landscape looked like a winter wonderland and I found myself marveling at how many generations of wild horses have lived - and died - in this precious untamed wilderness. 

During this most recent trip, however, Ginger and I faced a sad goodbye. One of the matriarchs of the mountain, War Bonnet, passed away during our stay. After 26 years of living wild and free, it appeared that she passed quietly, laying down at the foot of a juniper and simply saying "farewell".

Join Ginger and her wild mustang Trace - War Bonnet's son - as they remember this special Pryor Mountain mare.

Dana Zarrello
Deputy Director
The Cloud Foundation

Kayah Swanson