Statement from Rachel Fazio, attorney for The Cloud Foundation, Craig Downer and Lorna Moffat:

"We are pleased that the 9th Circuit has seen fit to stop the roundup while they take a look at the merits of our motion. What we are witnessing here is  a repeat of history, and this Triple B Complex Roundup is just the latest example.  These native wild horses and burros, which evolved here in North America, and which were protected by Congress in 1971 by  the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act are 'fast disappearing from the American landscape' once again.  At the time the Act was passed there were 56 Million acres designated for their protection and use. Today there are less than 34 million acres available for them, and the majority of water and forage in these areas is designated for benefit of the livestock industry, even though this industry already has 260 million acres of public lands designated for their use. Today, there are more of these amazing wild horses  living unnatural lives in holding pens in the midwest (over 40,0000) then are left roaming free and unmolested as 'an integral part of our public lands' (less than 30,000). Was this really the intent of Congress?  We think not, and are hoping that the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals will agree."Media Contacts:

Anne Novak Tel: 415-531-8454

Lauryn Wachs Tel: 617-894-6939