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Nevada Writers Hall of Fame Honors Wild Horse Author Author Terri Farley writes about- and for- the wild horsesReno, NV (November 3, 2010)—Best-known for her Phantom stallion series, Nevada children’s author, Terri Farley, will be inducted into the Nevada Writer’s Hall of Fame as a “Silver Pen Recipient” on Thursday, November 4th in Reno. Farley’s Phantom Stallion series is based on the Calico mustangs of Nevada, a herd decimated by the Bureau of Land Management last winter in a deadly helicopter roundup. Farley advocates for the protection of America’s wild horses and is beloved by young readers the world round.

“I’m honored and excited that my stories of wild horses and wild Nevada are being recognized with this award," said Terri Farley. "I hope generations of readers will be inspired to keep mustangs running free on the Western range.”

Over half of the remaining wild mustangs in the West live in Nevada, many not far from Farley’s home in Reno. The BLM is targeting more than 4,500 mustangs and burros for permanent removal from Nevada public lands over the next year, taking away valuable ecotourism opportunities for Nevada residents.

"Terri continues to bring the wonder of the natural world to thousands of young people around the globe, helping them to appreciated the fragile wildness around us” explains Cloud Foundation Director and filmmaker, Ginger Kathrens. “She portrays the wild horse so lovingly in her books and is using her celebrity so effectively to bring an end to the horrible cruelty the last of our mustangs are suffering at the hands of the Bureau of Land Management."

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