Foundation Condemns Slaughter of U.S. Horses—Wild or Domestic

Urges Animal Lovers to Contact the President

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - The Cloud Foundation (TCF) is adamantly opposed to the slaughter of horses. We don’t eat them. We should not slaughter them.

“I take personal responsibility for my once wild, domestic partners,” states Ginger Kathrens, Executive Director of TCF.  “Once they have no quality of life, it will be my decision to end their lives with dignity and as painlessly as possible.” Kathrens has four mustangs, Flint, Sky, Trace, and Cloud’s little brother, Sax whom she co-owns with Ann Evans.

The Cloud Foundation is aware that the majority of the horses being slaughtered are domestic. But, we are also aware that many mustangs have met their end in this cruel manner.  We urge you to contact the White House and express your views on this issue.

“Mustangs are terribly vulnerable when they are removed from the range.“ adds Kathrens.  “I have always said, and I deeply believe, that wild horses are safest living in freedom on the range with their families.”

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