Kathrens' Congressional appeal video shows cruelty targeting wild horses and burros at roundups

Washington, D.C. (February 15, 2011)—Ginger Kathrens, EMMY Award-winner and Director of The Cloud Foundation, has released a video asking Congress to defund the roundups. The videoshows BLM's blatant animal cruelty and abuse--all funded with the public's tax dollars. Helicopters abusing mustangs and burros, kicking and slapping burros in the face, chasing wild horses into metal fences, hot shotting burros with an electric cattle prod to get them into trailers amongst other atrocities which are well documented by the Foundation and eye-witnesses at roundups over the past several years. The public is outraged to learn that BLM's recent internal review absolves current helicopter inflicted animal abuse.

"Enough is enough—No more tax dollars should be spent to torture the American public's' wild horses and burros," states Kathrens. "Bad has become the norm at BLM. We ask that Congress defund the roundups now and rein in BLM before any further suffering occurs at taxpayer expense."

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