Sterilization Observation Lawsuit

Dear Friends of Wild Horses and Burros;

Legal challenges are expensive but essential if we are to protect our wild horses and burros from cruel and inhumane treatment at the hands of those charged with protecting them—namely the BLM.

The Wild Horse and Burro Act of 1971 states: It is the policy of Congress that wild free-roaming horses and burros shall be protected from capture, branding, harassment, or death. Despite these words and the outpouring of opposition from the public on plans to permanently sterilization our wild horses, BLM is set to proceed in October with a series of barbaric surgeries.

It is anticipated that animals will die. But this is acceptable to BLM unless over 20 percent of the fillies and mares die!

If BLM is allowed to move forward, we want to be there. . .to bear witness and to report back to you. For decades we have endured the sanitized reports from inhumane helicopter roundups—reports that simply list the number of deaths with little or no detail. The horses are just numbers. I have been present for dozens of helicopter round ups over the past 20 years and the daily reports do not begin to reflect the terror and pain these poor animals endure. And if we were able to bear witness at roundups, why not the surgeries?

One of BLM’s stated reasons for the surgeries is to determine their“social acceptability”. If this is a genuine reason for conducting the “research”,let us witness it. Then you, the public, can let your government know whether you consider the permanent sterilization procedures socially acceptable. Keep this in mind: the eventual BLM plan is to perform these surgeries out on the ranges, beginning with White Mountain in Wyoming and Saylor in Idaho! I am asking you to support our right to bear witness for our wild mares and fillies. Please consider a generous donation, which will help us pay for our legal fees.

Thanks so much,


Learn more in our press release regarding this lawsuit.


Kayah Swanson