Death Sentence for Alaska's Bear Cubs and Wolf Pups. Are Wild Horses in Holding Next?


Dear Friends of the Wild;

If the U.S. House and Senate make targets of baby animals in their dens
in the wild, what might the fate of America’s incarcerated wild horses be?

Over 12,000 helpless, once proud wild horses are behind bars in Short Term Holding facilities from Mississippi to California. Over 30,000 older wild horses
are in long term pastures, mainly in Kansas and Oklahoma.
Killing them is not the solution!


20 million acres of western lands where they once roamed have no wild horses even though the land was designated for their use.
Let the wild horses in holding go free! Open the gates and let them reclaim their legal lands. Let common sense and human kindness rule the day!

Check here to see how your Congressional Representatives and U.S. Senators voted on killing hibernating bears and gassing wolf cubs in their dens in Alaska.

Then give them a call and let them know you want our captive wild horses protected. Give your name and spell it, your hometown, and succinctly express your concerns. Restate your name at the end. 

Find your US Senators and Representatives here:

Thanks for standing tall for our mustangs!!

P.S. And if you have ever contemplated adopting a mustang, now is the time. They make wonderful, athletic and loving partners. I speak from experience as you know. Take a look for yourselves.

Kayah Swanson