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Attend a Roundup

It is very important for us to be present at BLM roundups. The Cloud Foundation team will attempt to make it to every possible roundup, but we can't always do it alone. 

We have to be there to document and ensure accountability on the part of the team conducting the roundup. Below, you'll find some helpful tips on what to bring, what to do, and what to say while you're at a roundup. (We'll let you know about upcoming roundups in our Action Alerts.)



  1. Bring either a still camera or a video camera if you have one (or both!).
  2. If you have long lenses, those can be very beneficial to bring the action in closer
  3. Use a tripod when taking telephoto images if you can!
  4. In most cases, a 4-Wheel Drive capable vehicle is recommended in order to access the roundup site.
  5. Bring lots of water and some food as you will likely be out all day.
  6. Binoculars and/or a spotting scope are also recommended for being able to see horses/burros from a distance. A tripod is essential when using a scope.
  7. If you see something of concern or dangerous (like a loose panel in the corral, etc) alert one of the BLM personnel near you.