Dear Friends of our Wyoming Wild Horses;

Please write a comment to Mr. D’Ewart, Wild Horse and Burro Specialist for the BLM in Rock Springs, Wyoming regarding the plan to remove 1,028 wild horses from their homes in southern Wyoming this fall. Comments are due April 4. (Click here to read TCF Comments) (Click here to read the full scoping doc from BLM)

Background: Herds affected: Great Divide Basin, Salt Wells, Adobe Town HMAs. BLM plan: reduce population to low end of  “appropritate” management level: 251 Salt Wells (SW), 415 Great Divide Basin (GDB), 610 Adobe Town (AT).

These herds have some or most of their acreage in the “checkerboard” which is one square mile of alternating public and private lands along the I-80 corridor in southern Wyoming,

Consider making these key points:

 -Conduct professional census rather that estimating herd populations.

-If a helicopter roundup is chosen, round up each band discretely. Keep the family units together.

-Deliver PZP-22 to mature mares and release all mature horses.

-Do not put older horses in holding as they are vulnerable to being killed.

-Remove only select young horses 5 and younger and provide a training program

so these young horses have a good chance at adoption.

-Begin on the range management, partnering with volunteers to lay the ground

work for bait trapping and darting in the future.

-Do NOT conduct a helicopter roundup in Adobe Town as it is unnecessary and will negate the accuracy a collaring study to determine natural movements of the AT horses. (BLM estimates the herd is only 20 horses above high AML!)

-Encourage the BLM to begin negotiating for land swaps with private land owners and energy permittees to consolidate private and public lands.

Use your own words so that your comment has more impact. Thanks for being part of the solution! 

Happy Trails!


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