Pryor Personalities Greeting Cards - Mix & Match

Pryor Personalities Greeting Cards - Mix & Match


Mix and match our Pryor Mountain mustang greeting cards! Create your own unique set of images for the special people in your life. All cards identify the horses on the back cover and have a versatile blank interior.

1) Cloud’s Encore and her Knight

2) Young Love: Cloud’s grand-daughter Jewel and her stallion He Who

3) We are Family: Encore, Mato Ska and Feldspar

4) Mommy & Me: Pride and Feldspar

5) Daddy & Me: Cloud and 2 month old Encore

6) Friends! Pride plays with Missoula

7) Lone beauty: Encore eating snow

8) Family resemblance: Cloud and 6 month old Encore forage together

9) Siblings: Yearling Mato Ska and little sister Encore

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