Tell your lawmaker: We have a better management plan.

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When passing the 2018 budget, Congress once again included language that protects wild horses and burros in holding from being killed. However, they tasked the Bureau of Land Management with developing a new management plan, and sources say that the topic of killing horses & burros in holding will definitely be approached. Some lawmakers have also suggested including language in the FY19 budget that would allow the killing of horses & burros in holding.

Luckily, we have a better idea! The Cloud Foundation, along with the American Wild Horse Campaign & 100+ other organizations, have developed humane, sustainable management recommendations that we would like the BLM & Congress to consider. These recommendations are cost-saving, humane alternatives to killing the animals in holding. Please help us get the word out to lawmakers across the country that these recommendations exist and can help improve the BLM's Wild Horse & Burro Program! To get started, fill out your information below so that we can send your letter to the lawmakers who represent you, then click "START WRITING."

Kayah Swanson