Author Title of Book Reading Level
Camp, Joe The Soul of the Horse Gr. 5+
Cowley, Joy Where Horses Run Free:
A Dream for the American Mustang
Criscone, Rachel The Mustang Gr 3-8
Crisp, Marty Everything Horse Gr 3-5
Cruise, David Wild Horse Annie and
The Last of the Mustangs
Gr 5+
Dines, Lisa American Mustang Guidebook Gr 8+
Dobie, J. Frank The Mustangs Gr 8+
Farley, Terri Phantom Stallion Series Gr 4-7
Featherly, Jay Mustangs: Wild Horses of
the American West
Gr 4-8
Goble, Paul The Girl Who Loved Wild Horses Gr 4-8
Halls, Kelly Wild Horses Galloping Through Time Gr 3-8
Harbury, Martin The Last of the Wild Horses Gr 5+
Henry, Marguerite Misty of Chincoteague Gr 3-5
Henry, Marguerite Brighty of The Grand Canyon Gr 3-6
Henry, Marguerite Mustang: Wild Spirit of the West Gr 4-8
Hoglund, Don Nobody’s Horses Gr 8+
Hyde, Dayton All the Wild Horses Gr 5+
Johmann, Carol The Lewis & Clark Expedition:
Join the Corps of Discovery
Gr 4-6
Kathrens, Ginger Cloud: Wild Stallion of the Rockies Gr 3-8+
Kathrens, Ginger Cloud’s Legacy: The Wild Stallion Returns Gr 3-8+
Kathrens, Ginger Cloud: Challenge of the Stallions Gr 3-8+
Kinsey-Warnock, Natalie The Wild Horses of Sweetbriar Pr Gr 3
Kirkpatrick, Jay Into the Wind: Wild Horses of America Gr 5+
London, Jonathan Little Pinto of Mustang Canyon Pr-Gr 1
Luce-Hubert, Marie Mustangs: Wild Horses of the West Gr 6+
Momatiuk, Yva Face to Face with Wild Horses Gr 4-8+
National Museum of
the American Indian
Song for The Horse Nation: Horses
in Native American Cultures
Gr 8+
Oldfield, Jenny Horses of Half Moon Ranch (Series) Gr 4-6
Patent, Dorothy Where the Wild Horses Roam Gr 4-7
Peterson, Chris Wild Horses: Black Hills Sanctuary Gr 3-8+
Pomeranz, Lynne Among Wild Horses:
A Portrait of the Pryor Mustangs
Regan, Lisa and
Nicholas Forder
Horses and Ponies (How to Draw) All
Ryden, Hope America’s Last Wild Horses Gr 8+
Ryden, Hope Wild Horse Summer Gr 4-8
Scott, Traer Wild Horses: Endangered Beauty All
Seabrook, Charles Cumberland Island:
Strong Women, Wild Horses
Gr 8+
Simon, Sharon The Mystery Stallion Gr 4-8
Stanley, George Wild Horses Gr 2-4
Stillman, Deanne Mustang: The Saga of the
American Horse in the Wild West
Gr 8+
Stone, Lynn Wild Horses (Eye to Eye with Horses) Gr 3-8
Stromberg, Tony &
Robert Redford
The Forgotten Horses Gr 8+
Vogel, Julia Wild Horses Gr 2-5
Walker, Carol Wild Hoofbeats All
Wexo, John Bonnett Wild Horses (Zoobooks Series) Gr 3-8