At the urging of a horse named “Spirit,” Sandra set-out to use all her God-given gifts and skills to work on behalf of the Wild Horses and Burros. Joining up with The Cloud Foundation in January 2014, she recognized that her experience in the corporate world could be useful in the support of Wild Horse advocacy. She is constantly seeking ways to ensure that the actions and energies of wild horse advocates are focused in ways that have impact on systems where it matters most

As an Organization and Management Consultant for the past 35+ years, Sandra has developed competencies in Large-Scale Systems Change, Conflict Management, Communication, and Process Management/Quality Improvement methods, all skills required for understanding and creating systemic organization change. In 2000, Sandra discovered her “heart-work” in professional coaching. She was privileged to work with hundreds of executives in large corporations on both issues of managing as well as personal life issues when confronted with mid-life.

In 2006, she collapsed under the weight of a “too-successful” corporate career, and began early retirement to heal from PTSD – Workplace Trauma. That next summer she was introduced to working with horses as healers. From a lifetime of loving horses came her discovery of what others had been learning: horses as sentient beings have much to teach us. All we need do is listen with open minds and open hearts. They can inspire and show us the way to leading our best lives.

As a result of her personal experience of healing, Sandra studied, trained and became certified to offer equine-assisted coaching. In her private practice, Equine Soul Care, as an Advanced Instructor with Eponaquest, she offers people the opportunity to explore their personal development in the presence of, and in partnership with, horses.

Now Sandra serves on The Cloud Foundation Board of Directors as volunteer recruiter and trainer. She is quickly establishing structure and processes to enable a broad and diverse group of volunteers to work with Cloud to bring change to the management practices that are currently contrary to the well-being of our wild horses and burros. The vision of success for this mission is when America’s Wild Horses and Burros are running free on public rangeland, and where there is no need, ever again, for federal round-ups and federal holding pens. Wild horses in Short-term holding will have been returned to repatriated public lands (HMA’s) or adopted out to good and loving homes; wild horses in Long-term holding will live out their natural lives in captivity. And when appropriate, Sandra also advises on issues of organizational health: strategy, structure, processes, project plans and clear roles & responsibilities.

Married to Bill Sell-Lee for over 35 years, the couple share their lives and homes with two rescued Golden Retrievers, Angie & Missy, on Bainbridge Island, Washington (summers) and Surprise, Arizona (winters). Sandra enjoys golfing and traveling to France. Mostly, though, she enjoys just hanging around horses.

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