TriggerTrigger, Band Stallion. Born 1997. Son of Flicka and the only offspring of the deceased grullo stallion, Challenger (struck and killed by lightning in 1999).

I was hired by the BBC to document Trigger for the program, “Spirit of the Mustang.” when he was just a couple of days old. With his “hour glass” blaze and stockings, he was photogenic and unmistakable on the range. As a two-year old, he ended up in a two-stallion band led by the sabino stallion, Crazy Horse, and the stylish bay stallion, Star. Oddly, these stallions allowed 2 year-old Trigger to breed mares in the band, so Trigger had unusual early training! Crazy Horse and Star ranged widely, using the spring-fed waterhole atop isolated Tony Island in the Custer National Forest. Perhaps this is why Trigger chose to live in the National Forest lands as an adult. Trigger leaves no offspring on the range.