Grumpy GrullaGrumpy Grulla. Born 1988. We have no idea who her parents were. This remarkable mare shared lead mare duties with the smaller, claybank buckskin mare, Isabella. They were Raven’s mares when I first came to the Pryors in 1994. I named her Grumpy because she was a disciplinarian with the youngsters in Raven’s band, which, in 1995, included the lively trio of foals, Mahogany, Smokey and Cloud. She only asked once and the foals knew she meant business. Grumpy has aged well and we value her senior wisdom. She and Mystery are good friends. Grumpy leaves her grulla daughter, Cedar, on the range in Bolder’s band. Her grandson, Absarokee (Klamath), was recently bait trapped and removed. The lovely, 2 year-old black-brown colt will be available for adoption on September 8, 2012.