Paula King first became interested in the issues surrounding wild horses on public lands through long-time business and personal relationships with Cloud Foundation Board Member Linda Hanick.

Soon after moving to New Mexico, Paula and her husband Ron accompanied the Hanicks to Wild Horse Mesa in southern Colorado and the Jarita Mesa Wild Horse herd, in central New Mexico. Paula realized this was an effort that she wanted to support wholeheartedly. She began studying, researching, and submitting comments on roundups. Paula attended local BLM meetings and visited as many wild horse herds as she could to learn more about the horses and the management policies.

A founding member of New Mexico Against Horse Slaughter, Paula has worked tirelessly to promote public awareness and has developed working relationships with other advocacy groups and New Mexico congressional delegates. She works on a local and state level to promote legislation and regulations that will ban horse slaughter and the transport of horses for slaughter in the US.

Paula grew up in Kentucky but moved to Colorado after her marriage to Ron. She graduated from the University of Colorado with a Bachelors Degree in Business and Energy Development and worked several years for Atlantic Richfield in Denver, before she and her husband left their jobs to open Great Harvest Bread Company in Lexington, KY. In addition to running a successful business, Paula worked as a new bakery trainer and business trouble-shooter. She and her husband sold their bakery in 2003 and moved to the beach community of Edisto Island, South Carolina. In 2012, they realized that their real home was still in the West–where they loved the mountains, hiking, the outdoors, snowy winters, and, yes, the wild horses.

As Communications Director for TCF, Paula stays abreast of BLM, Park Service, and US Forest Service regarding wild horse territories and removals, monitoring actions impacting wild horses in National Parks, Indian Reservations, and other lands where wild horses might be at risk. Paula has visited 7 wild horse territories: Great Divide Basin and Salt Wells-Wyoming; Jicarilla and Jarita Mesa-New Mexico; West Douglas and Wild Horse Mesa-Colorado; Pryor Mountains- Montana. She also attends and provides comments at regional BLM meetings and Environmental Analyses on wild horse territories, she researches and writes articles and press releases not only for the Cloud Foundation but also on other wild horse and slaughter issues, and she attends National BLM Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board and equine educational conferences.

Paula has always had a great love of horses, taking riding lessons as a child in Kentucky but never owning her own horse. Today she enjoys hiking in beautiful northern New Mexico where she lives and riding in southern Colorado with Ginger, on her adopted mustangs.