Lisa Friday’s mother gave her the book Cloud: Wild Stallion of the Rockies for Christmas in 2005, and that began her journey with wild horses.

She was born in Pennsylvania and her higher education included Georgetown University where she studied International Politics and Diplomatic Services, and Virginia Commonwealth University, where she studied Industrial Psychology.

Lisa presently lives near Richmond, Virginia, and she is the Senior Director of Human Resources for a major healthcare system and 137 hospitals under her charge.

When not traveling 48 weeks out of the year dealing with human resource and employee issues, Lisa spends her most treasured days with Cloud’s daughter Rain, (whom she adopted after the 2009 BLM roundup, six other majestic horses, golden retrievers, and cats on their 200-acre farm outside Richmond, Virginia. She owns a total of ten wild mustangs, (several of which are Cloud’s relatives).

Lisa is actively involved as an advocate for our wild horses on all fronts. She has attended several roundups throughout the West, she attends Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board Meetings, she meets with Congressional and Senatorial representatives of the Appropriations Committee regarding the budgeting for the Wild Horse and Burro Program, she inspects and documents long- and short-term BLM holding facilities, attends BLM and the Theodore Roosevelt National Park wild horse auctions, and is instrumental in the success of Legacy Mustang Preservation, a wild horse rescue in Virginia where 80+ former BLM and National Park Service mustangs safely reside.

Lisa is committed to educating the highly visible horse industry in the Eastern United States. Her presentations of wild horse and burro issues have been presented at several hunt clubs, riding clubs, and schools throughout Virginia.