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American Horse Defense Fund
Coaching With Horses
Front Range Equine Rescue
Hope Ryden
Horses of Proud Spirit
Pryor Mountain Wild Mustang Center
Return to Freedom
RT Fitch's Blog, Author and Advocate
Saving the American Wild Horse
The American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign
  • Excellent resource of information, reports and updates. Be sure to read the testimonial page here
The Wild Horse Sanctuary
Trail Blazer Magazine
Western Images & Wild Horses
Amy Hadden Marsh Blog
  • At grassrootshorse, we are a network of regular people who care about what is happening to America's horses and want to do what we can for positive change. There are no long term commitments and you can do as much or as little as you would like. We will connect you to the group or project area that needs your help and that you would like to work with.
Wild Horses of Nevada Photography
  • Living in the midst of Nevada's high desert, home to America's largest remaining bands of wild horses, we have gathered an exceptional collection of fine art dedicated to these national icons.
The Phantom Stallion Series
  • Author and Advocate Terri Farley writes the popular Phantom Stallion series. Lots of great resources for young wild horse fans