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The Cloud Foundation, is a Colorado 501(c)3 non-profit corporation, that grew out of Ginger Kathrens' knowledge and fear for not only Cloud's herd but other wild horses in the West. "I began to realize that we were losing America's wild horses," Ginger says. "They are rounded up by the thousand, losing in an instant what they value most--freedom and family. I realized that even Cloud and his family were in danger."

SalazarInterviewFrom the Wildlife News.
Yesterday the Desert Independent reported that on Election Day, after being asked about the treatment of wild horses and allegations made in a recent ProPublica article about the illegal sale of wild horses to a slaughter facility in Mexico, Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar turned to the reporter and said "If you set me up like this again, I'll punch you out."
According to the article there were other witnesses to the exchange and, when asked by Politico, an Interior spokesman responded by saying "the secretary regrets the exchange." With this, it looks likely that Ken Salazar is on his way out as Secretary of Interior. Continue Reading>>

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