About The Cloud Foundation

The Cloud Foundation, is a Colorado 501(c)3 non-profit corporation, that grew out of Ginger Kathrens' knowledge and fear for not only Cloud's herd but other wild horses in the West. "I began to realize that we were losing America's wild horses," Ginger says. "They are rounded up by the thousand, losing in an instant what they value most--freedom and family. I realized that even Cloud and his family were in danger."

Help wild horse and burros by printing out this petition and getting lots of signatures. Make copies and send them to your Congressmen! Don't forget to send us a copy so we can keep them all together and send them to the President.

You can have your family, friends, classmates, and everyone else (except your pets!) sign the petition if they want to. Download the petition here!

You can make additional pages yourself if you need to

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