Artists & Photographers that Support Us

Alex Alvis Sculpture
  • Alex Alvis is an imaginative sculptor who brings to life the spirit and story of wild horses. The exaggerated features, a signature feature of Alex's work, remind us of the endless depths of the equine experience - especially the relationship between horse and man - something that throughout history has been expressed in song, story, and art. Her works are known for their unique style, elegance, and technique. Alex has developed an innovative style that blends precise realism with abstract expressionism. Alex is working on a limited, 50-run series of seven pieces in honor of wild horses in the hope that it will inspire you to own this spirit of independence and individualism yourself. Perhaps you'll want to learn more about the plight of the American wild horse, and you'll want to help ensure that wild horses around the world will always run free!
Art by RIG
  • Artist Rosellen Westerhoff has always been a big animal lover and enjoys depicting that love through her art, particularly using colored pencil as her favorite medium. For the past 25 years, "RIG" as she goes by in her art, has been conveying an astounding and her portraits of such subjects as horses and dogs, including her Pryor mustang filly.
Artist Carol Hernandez
  • She will donate 25% of all sales of her horse art to The Cloud Foundation.
Deb Little Photography
  • Deb has fantastic photos of wild horses and continues to support The Cloud Foundation through sales, support and sharing of photos- including the cover of the new Cloud DVD.
Leslie Anne Webb
  • Acclaimed artist, Leslie Anne Webb, created two original Cloud paintings in 2010 and the originals (as well as prints) are available with a percentage going to benefit the Cloud Foundation!
Living Images by Carol Walker
  • Specializing in Equine Photography. Carol took the cover photograph of the new Cloud book and shares photos with the Cloud Foundation and has published her own book, Wild Hoofbeats, about the Red Desert Mustangs in Wyoming.
Metal 2 Art Sculpture
  • Award winning artist, Dwayne Cranford, has a gift for capturing the life of the horse in steel and seizing it forever. Dwayne has generously offered to donate 10% from the sales of any sculpture to a Cloud Foundation supporter. Dwayne is a sculptor of metal, steel, silicon bronze, and stainless steel, and works in monumental sculpture, public art and private commissions.
Pam Nickoles Photography Blog
  • Adventures with wild horses and other news from photographer Pam Nickoles, who has been photographing wild horses throughout the West, especially in Colorado, Wyoming, & Montana. 
Painting the Heart of the Horse by Karen McLain Studio
  • Karen McLain is an Arizona native whose deep appreciation for nature and her love of wild horses is translated into her beautiful oil paintings.
Rachel Reeves Photography
  •  Wild horse photographer & adopter. Donates 10% of her sales to TCF. 
Sally's Saddles
  • At Sallys Saddles we are proud to carry the popular and authentic Barefoot® Treeless Saddles. When you purchase from Sallys Saddles 10% of our profits will be donated to various equine non-profit organizations, including the Cloud Foundation.
Stephen G. Weaver- Earth Systems Imaging
  • Stephen Weaver is an award winning photographer with over 35 years experience making images of the natural world. Steve generously donates 5% from the sale of wild horse prints to The Cloud Foundation. Formally educated as a geologist, Steve combines his scientific knowledge with his photographic abilities to produce stunning images that illustrate the beauty of the structure and composition of the earth and its natural systems. Steve recently added wildlife (including our wild horses) to his amazing online gallery of photos. Enjoy!
Wild Wind Art
"The Mutt & the Mustang" by Judy Archibald
  • With beautiful full color illustrations by Patricia Greenberg, this book is certain to be a classic. This sensitive, true story of a friendship between a mutt and "his" mustang will help parents, teachers and children appreciate animals and to realize everyone is special in their own way.