From left to right: Mato Ska, Feldspar, Encore, Innocentes, Aztec and Cloud – September 2013

Who is Cloud’s Encore?

Cloud and Feldspar’s daughter, Encore, was born on May 6, 2013 when Effie Orser, Lauryn Wachs and I were in the Pryor Mountains. You can read the story of our amazing trip here: Cloud’s Encore, A Pryor Surprise!

I’ve had many wondrous experiences on Cloud’s sacred mountain over the past 20 years, but the discovery of this fragile filly who grew into a precocious and athletic yearling ranks as one of the very best. Here is another story in the continuing saga of her life

Encore has an almost mystical effect on those who have had the pleasure of being in her company. Her theft by bachelor stallions when her father was injured in May of 2014 was emotionally wrenching for all who had enjoyed watching her with her family. You can read more about the “Courage of Cloud and Encore” here

Today, Encore is still with three bachelor stallions, but young Knight continues to guard her from the others. How her life turns out is anyone’s guess, but she is Cloud’s daughter and courageous beyond imagination.

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