Call and write your Congressional Representatives and Senators.



-Protect wild horses and burros in BLM holding facilities from being killed or shipped to slaughter.

-Return healthy horses in holding facilities to zeroed out herd areas or herd

management areas on public lands in the West.

-Keep wild horses on the range by focusing dollars toward On the Range Management using safe reversible contraceptives like PZP, a dartable vaccine.

-Encourage creation of a BLM fund to support volunteer expenses to help manage wild horses and burros On the Range.

-End expensive and cruel helicopter roundups that have made contractors

millionaires many times over.

-End the public lands livestock grazing program in designated wild horse herd management areas with compensation programs established for permittees.


Fast Facts:

-Wild horses are a returned native species in North America.

-Millions of wild horses roamed in the late 1800s into the early 1900s.

-Wild Horse and Burro Act passed unanimously by Congress in 1971.

-Wild horses and burros have lost over 20 million acres of habitat since 1971.

-Less than 60,000 wild horses remain in the wild.

-Of the 339 herds identified for protection only 177 remain.

-Over 44,000 wild horses are in holding pens and pastures.

-Millions of privately-owned livestock graze on public lands.

-Thousands of miles of barbed wire fencing to keep cattle and sheep in designated allotments now restrict wild horse migration.

-Livestock grazing fee reduced in 2017 from $2.11 per cow/calf pair or five sheep per month to $1.87.

-Public Land grazing program costs taxpayers over $125 million each year.

-Federal public lands belong to the American public.



-Wild horses and burros are managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).

-A few herds are managed by the U.S. Forest Service (FS) on Forest Service lands.

-Wild Horses and Burros on BLM lands are under the Interior Department.

-Wild Horses and Burros on FS lands are under the Dept. of Agriculture.